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As it was dark after my test drive with Manor50 this evening (see post here if interested), I obviously had to use my headlights and to my surprise, once on the open and empty road, I found I had no main beam.

The blue dashboard light comes on but nothing happens at the front of the car - either by pushing for main beam or pulling to flash the main beam. :(

My first thought was that something in the VAG Com mods may have caused the problem so the first thing I did when I got home was reset to standard each mod in turn and see if it cured the fault. It didn't.

VCDS is showing 3 faults in the Central Electronics unit but I won't be mentioning them to my dealer when I call them tomorrow. ;)

Anyone else had this problem at all? I've no idea how long the fault has existed as it's the first I've been out in the dark with the A5 for quite a while.
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