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NJ Drivers....Please Help

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I need some help, PLEASE

i lost my wallet with my drivers license and green card in it and im trying to get my license back.

Since these fucking terrorist hit us, NJ DMV goes by a 6 point system(

I now only have a Bahamian Passport but it doesnt have any stamps in it

I have my social security card
I have a copy of my green card

I sent to get a replacement green card but it takes 2-6 months!!!! FCUK!

anyway possible i can get my license?



Thanks for your help
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International Drivers license

Perhaps you can apply for an international drivers license?
hey man,

Calm down. You got everything you need and alot of options. Just READ.

here is one easy combo,

Passport= 4 points, Social Security Card= 1 point, Bank Statement= 1 point.
4+1+1= 6 points..

take care.
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