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Newbie with issues lol

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Hello everyone ,
I purchased my 2009 A5 2.0 tfsi last September and have had issues with it since day 1 lol . It is a CDNB with 150k on the clock . When I got the car it had a few mods already but had trouble starting properly . So let's go 馃檲 here is what I have done so far in order :- replaced fuel pump control module , PCV , MAF ,air filter ,coil packs , plugs ,removed forge BOV and gone to stock diverter , the car ran ok ( still not right ) and I started getting running rich codes so replaced the hpfp and 02 sensors which seemed to cure it . Now I'm getting air intake leak codes and idle air control code where the revs fluctuate at idle upto 1300 rpm and settling to a steady but rough 725rpm . I today replaced the n80 to no avail and have ordered both intake solenoids ,one at rear of engine and the other is below the flap potentiometer on the intake manifold .
has anyone had similar rough idle issues and how did you cure it 馃槈
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Dazza mate welcome on board the nuthouse and we are sure that you will fit right in!!! I suggest that you need to stop changing everything cos you may never find the problem, sods or Murphys law and all that. You need to find an independent VAG specialist and get the car hooked up to his software to start to understand something. OR you purchase the Ross Tech VCDS system and start hooking it up to your car, clear out all of the errors and then see what comes back. Good luck!!
Yeh I'm thinking that's my best option at the minute 馃檲 I'm only using OBDELEVEN pro , thought it was a decent choice at the time 馃え . It perhaps could be if only I knew what I was looking for 馃槀馃槀
I've had this on various cars when working in the garage. A lot of times it's an air leak in the intake side. Like @SimonRoma says Get it to a good indy garage and get them to hook it up to a smoke machine which will highlight the smallest of leaks.
I plan on doing a diy smoke test tomorrow weather permitting , using smoke pellets and an low pressure air pump 馃檲 anything to save the 拢 at this point . Any thoughts about this ?
Sounds like a great idea. Would love to see your setup once it's done.
I will do a short video and some pics 鉁
The setup worked a treat , though not quite the result I was hoping for 馃檲 .Smoke was only coming out from where the starter motor mates to the bell housing , to me that only means one thing 馃え rear main seal ... I did do a short video but left the phone on for a period (in paused mode ) while I was climbing about under the car and it died so the video was lost 馃槀
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