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as you probably realised i am new here. would like to congratulate you on this nice forum you have. i will start with something about myself.

i am nearly 18 years old(legal age of driving in malta). i have been driving for the last 10 years;);) and now is the time for me to buy my first car. i drolled all over the nuvolari some 4 years ago. i am dead certain of buying an a5 3.0 tdi(i have always liked audis, and the volkswagen group in general). i really crave for a s5, but insurance in malta is unbelievable(they wouldnt have insured me on a 5 year ford focus 1.8 diesel hadnt it not been for my family owning a large number of cars with the same insurance company).

i was thinking of flying to the uk and buying one there and come overland to malta as the sole audi dealer is hopeless.

do you have any tips for me?(dealers, extras worth having,)

does anyone know something about the upcoming a7? as there is alot of confusing on the net.
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