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New User from CA, USA

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Hello All!
I've been a lurker to Audi forums, but figured I could make an account here and participate. I own a B8.5 13' A5 and it's my wife and I's DD(grocery getter) + weekend driver + long road trips. I've been into and wrenching on cars most my life, owning a Miata that I autocrossed (sold), Stage 2 WRX that was tracked/autocrossed (sold) and now a lifted 4runner that I take wheeling in the sierra's. We take the 4runner when we go camping/wheeling, but most the time it just sits at home.

Since it is our DD + weekend driver (and really my wife's car), I don't plan to modify it heavily, but do plan to do minor mods and keep it well maintained :)
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Hello Eat and welcome on board! Pics of the A5 please and tell us more about the spec and history and stuff....
Hello Eat and welcome on board! Pics of the A5 please and tell us more about the spec and history and stuff....
Hey there! Thanks!

As far as spec/history goes, I'm actually not too familiar with it as my wife bought it used years ago and owned it before we even met.

What's known is that it's a 13' A5 Quattro with the 8 ZF transmission. Based on some research, its a Premium plus model. She was the 3nd owner of the car, and bought it from the previous owner.

Unknown's are it's full service history. We know that the first owner leased the car and brought it in regularly to Audi for maintenance (carfax) in AZ. 2nd owner owned the vehicle for ~30k miles, and had no records of service. Wife bought it around 60k and has been bringing it to our local Audi dealer until we started dating, to which I've been working on it. While I can't say for certain, looks like the 2nd owner or at least during my wife's ownership, the car's been well maintained. Did basic things, like oil change, spark plugs and filters. But just hearing about how complex Audi's are, I had been lurking on the audi forums here and there, and the blocker has always been VAGCOM. It shocked me that simple things like swapping out a battery or rear pads need VAGCOM. Anyways, since I had been thinking about doing more in depth services (especially since we're hitting 80k fairly soon), I ended up creating an account on a few different Audi forums, but seemed like this one is the most active (for A5's) and oriented towards A5's.

Goals with the car: As mentioned in my OP, since it's our DD + weekend driver + long road trip car (and really my wifes car), I want to keep the mods as simple as possible, but keep it well maintained. In terms of mods, I don't plan to flash a tune on there, but I have stuck a cone filter on for sh*ts and giggles. I have wheel spacers and transmission insert on the way. Past that, I don't see myself modding the car too much... But that's the typical "famous last words"...

1 thing I found interesting with Audi forums unlike Mazda, Subaru and Toyota forums was that while there is an abundance of information, DIY write up's seem quite limited (maybe I'm not looking hard enough?). Anyways, I plan to create a build thread (more of a maintenance thread) of my simple mods and maintenance items.

As for pics:
Here's my 4runner going through Fordyce Jeep trail:

Here's the A5 at Petrified Forest National Park

White Sands National Park

June Lake - Eastern Sierras
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Hello and welcome to the site! Glad to have you join us. Plenty of knowledgeable and friendly folks here as well as informative and insightful discussion threads. Feel free to reach out if any help is needed!
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