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New to the S5 family

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Afternoon all,

Just made the switch from beloved 330i to a lovely 11 plate S5 Cab (would have preferred hard top obvs). I've already upgrade a few bits like the steering wheel, but want to update the firmware on the MMI to ensure I'm running the latest version. Any ideas or suggestions as to how I can obtain the latest files on an SD card, without exchanging a kidney at the main dealer?

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Oh, and what should I be expecting to pay for a gearbox service? I have some history but dont know if this has been done.
How do I delete a thread please? realised I've duplicated with this post
Jamie welcome on board! Pics of the car please and do some research on here re gearbox services. If in doubt do it again.
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I don't have much knowledge on updating the MMI, but create a post on here with MMI update as a title and I'm sure someone will come to your aid!

I think I have seen around £250 for a DSG service. Mine was done just before I bought mine by the dealer, so not sure.

Indys will be a slightly cheaper option, although I have seen some dealers price matching! But my experience of the dealer near me wasn't good, so never been back.
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Thanks guys. I'd forgot to check replies. Will get some pics up, thanks for the advice
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