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New S5 Owner from Scotland

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Hi everyone. Just got my white 2014 S5 on Tuesday there, picked up from England and drove back home to Ayrshire, Scotland. First time Audi owner, love the car! Never driven anything so fast. Hoping to use this forum as a resource for issues, mods and perhaps even meeting some other owners local to my area.

I know it's not the place in the forum, but my entire steering wheel controls don't appear to be working, including the paddle gears/media controls, so I'm going to have to phone up the garage and see about getting it in under the warranty. Apart from that the car seems perfect working order and great condition!
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Welcome to the site. Hopefully your control issues are an easy fix :)
Welcome on board mate and have a look around you will find LOADS of useful stuff and people on here. The guys who sold you the car are obliged to fix your control problems under the famous Sale of Goods Act.
From one Ayrshire S5 owner to another, Welcome. (y)

Give me a shout if you need any help, if I can, I will.

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