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New S5 In Red With Sick Bbs

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Hi guys, im new to this forum just took delivery of my new S5 on thursday om import from Germany £36,500!!!

Pearl silver leather
BBS Air 11 CY 19" rims

Tell me what you guys think.


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The wheels look really small to me, car definitely needs coilovers and spacers, some UK guys have had them fitted a while now. See this thread.

Im not really a fan of BBS wheels, the S5 standard wheels just suit the car so well I just havnt seen a single aftermarket set that looks better.

Oh and Welcome to the forum :D
I dont really see how I am biased? Sorry if I've offended you, but you did ask for our opinions, and that was mine. At the end of the day its all down too personal taste. As long as you're happy with them thats all that matters really :D

Anyway red with the Pearl Silver seats, now that I do like :D
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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