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New S5 In Red With Sick Bbs

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Hi guys, im new to this forum just took delivery of my new S5 on thursday om import from Germany £36,500!!!

Pearl silver leather
BBS Air 11 CY 19" rims

Tell me what you guys think.


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I got dealer in factory to swap standard wheels for these plus £500...20's would have cost more and then even more cause would have had to buy brand new tyres. Worked out to £2000 more. Do think the car should be lowered and which coilover kit should i buy.
Robb i think you may be a bit biased, i think the standard wheels are completly dog(sh1t). Plus the BBS i have are probably the best looking wheel on the market, and technology wise the most advanced. They may look a bit small, but i think its due to the fact the car has not been lowered.

The responses ive had about these wheels are nothing but great so i think you should take another look.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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