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Howdy folks :)
Truck guy here (30 years and counting) took ownership a couple months ago of a '16 S5. I call her 'my mid life crisis mobile.'
I've been bit by the bug lol. Compared to what I've traditionally been driving she goes like a cut cat - but ain't it strange how fast is never fast enough..?
I've been reading a lot lately that I can do all manner of things to make her quicker without shortening her lifespan so I fear I may be headed on a path of age inappropriate irresponsibility hehe.

Just curious as to any thoughts on where to begin.


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Joe mate welcome on board the nuthouse!!!!! You will surely fit right in. You godda read thro LOADS of stuff on here to get ideas. Tell us more about yer motor, auto or manual and all that sort of stuff and please get some pics up asap!!! Simon
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