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Hi guys

first time venturing into Audi away from bmw.
Just got a 2012 A5 convertible 2.0 tdi for my wife.

story goes~
4 days ago she was admitted into hospital with severe pains in her abdomen.
Long story and a lot of messing about the hospital finally figured out she had a cyst that had exploded and infected the surround area as well as causing a tear that led to internal bleeding.

In operation they removed 4 pints of blood around her stomach/..... yes 4 pints of blood that was missing her heart/

mot was touch and go on the operating table and finally she pulled through.

wo the first FaceTime we had after her op, after a lot of tears the phrase life is too short what do you want??

she has always wanted an Audi and my stubbornness said no...

so 24 hours later I’m picking her up for hospital in her new (used) car.

anyway... long boring intro.
Also. Does anyone have experience with the aftermarket Apple play units for Audi?
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