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Hi everybody!
I cant tell you how much ive been browsing this site, its been like over two months, listing/reading this forum. And its been great! Thanks alot for your good posts!

My story is:
Had Audi A3, now A6 Avant 1,8T + chip -04 and got the option to have a company car, so i testdrove the A5, and MAN! i was hooked!
So as the leadtime was over 9 months to get one in sweden i started searching the web. found a black one in gothenburg last week and just ordered it. the GOOD thing is that im picking it up 1st of May (wk18 he said...)

So i didnt get, B&O, leather and S-Line, but hey, i at least have a A5 within 2-3 weeks from order. Thats worth ALOT for me! Oh my god, im gonna cruise this summer!

Thanks again for all the very good-to-know info shared on this webasite.
Will post pics and stories once its been delivered.

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