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Hi all,

Had my 08 S5 for about a year now and it's currently in the workshop getting a custom exhaust. Very excited to go and pick it up later on!
I originally opted for a catback system but since I dropped it off in the shop I've sinced asked them to stick me a sports cat on and I'm gonna book it in with a recommended tuner company for a remap shortly after.

I've just bought some OEM 20" RS4s but unfortunately for me the previous owner has painted them black, so they need booking on for a back to stock look.

Once they're done I'm gonna drop it 25mm on some H&R OE's and stick some spacers in at 15/f 20/r.

Other than a panel filter (recommendations as to which to go for - if at all, are welcome!) that is the sum total of my changes to the car and I can't wait to get it all sorted!

Stay tuned for some pics of a sexy Meteor Grey S5 - it'll be mine ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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