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Hi gang,

What a great car we have. Was at the dealer in Santa Barbara and stood in between the Audi and BMW 3 series coupe. Audi won hands down for style and looks. Already had a BMW too.

Less than a week and 1200 miles already. Broke it in right. Went out and pre-ran a road rally I am helping put on in San Luis Obispo. Some of the greatest roads for spirited driving at the speed limit!

I am very happy with the performance as is sits and probably won't do too much to the car since it is tapping the budget just being able to have it.

Look forward to making good friends on the forum.

Feel like coming out this weekend to central California for a day. Check out the calendar, I put the info for the rally this Saturday the 12th of April.

Have a great day!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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