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So on my way to work yesterday I notice the car I'm passing run over a chunk of tire on the road, spits it out, and then the crazy piece of rubber decides to attack my grille!! Well, my grille lost that battle, nothing real serious but looks like a good opportunity to do an RS5 grille swap :)

Since this one is my daily driver my plan is to remove the stock grille from the 2017 Cab and put on the 2016, then replace the 2017 Cab with the RS5 Grille. I am looking this one, German Car Accessories RS5 Honeycomb, wondering if anyone has had any experience with this brand and how well it fits? I've searched and seen a lot about the exchange and it doesn't seem too difficult, I'm confident I can do the mechanical swap but since the 2017 Cab is my "toy" I want to ensure what I put on it fits well.

Thanks for any input.


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