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New Exhaust Drone

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I have installed the STaSIS exhaust on my A5. As others have mentioned, there the drone up to 3,000 rpm while under load (gGoing uphill especially) that is sometimes hard to take. Has anyone come up with solutions they are happy with?
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I did a custom exhaust that had major drone and flutter. I ended up installing an xpipe and it removed the drone and most especially the flutter.

see this thread on x pipe.
So I went today to a place that can install custom exhaust systems and was telling the manager about excess cabin drone with the STaSIS exhaust system and he told me that adding an x-pipe would decrease the drone. Is this true? Anybody do this with their aftermarket exhaust. I still want the exhaust sound, but not the loud cabin drone. I've read on this site about x-pipes but I still dont quite understand. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
I had the exact same complaint about my stasis exhaust. I spoke with Jim Rose at stasis and he ended up sending me some reducers. After i installed them the drone is still there at times, but much much MUCH more tolerable.

However the exhaust as a whole doesnt sound as good IMO. I guess everything has its trade offs. But atleast i can drive and not lose my mind.
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