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Hi all,

I have started a small sideline in car parts along with my day job so thought I would advertise here.
I will attempt to source the best price for parts and have them delivered to you as soon as possible.
I won’t even pretend to meet full car part suppliers in delivery timescale but if you need brand new parts not in a ‘next day’ situation feel free to drop me a message to see if I can source what you are after for a better price than the bigger companies

Everyone has to start somewhere so I am giving it a go to see if I can help out some fellow Audi 5 owners 😊.
I am happy to try and arrange delivery outside the UK if required.

For a rough idea, I have just sourced Brembo discs and pads, front and back for my own 2010 B8 S5 for under £240 delivered and good old Euro car parts show the same for £320 with all of their DFS style discounts applied.


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If you're still doing this, I'd snap your hand off for a replacement pair of the plastic coupe boot strut covers. The clips on mine have had it and they're more of a pain than anything these days.
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