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Originally bought an owl cam. The 4G was nice but the “credits” to view the cam remotely got eaten up immediately without even viewing it much. The viewing angles were also not that good in my opinion.

Decided to try the Soliom G1 instead because it is so much cheaper. I’d rather review my videos on a PC anyway. Glad I ordered the Soliom G1. The viewing angles are amazing. I’m blown away by the fact it captures such a wide angle. The front covers all of the windshield and just barely past the interior frame to the front door windows. The interior camera covers all the inside and just barely past the front door windows to the windshield. Very good coverage and quality for the price.

The 5 minute looping feature constantly makes 5 minute video clips for reviewing later. So on your SD card you will have multiple 5 minute videos saved. Once all the space is used up it saves over the earliest 5 minute video file and continues on.

I used a 64gb card. Works great! Not amazing night vision but the front camera does a good enough job to capture night driving. If in well lit city streets it’s very clear. Interior camera is pretty much nothing at night unless in well lit city areas.

If you don’t care about wireless transfers to your phone give this one a shot. I’m blown away by the surround sound coverage it actually can get. To keep it simple I might purchase another one to put on the rear of my vehicle to really capture any accidents in the back. Then I will have a true surround security/insurance fact checker system.
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