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Hey guys!

Recently made the switch from a Seat Leon to an Audi A5 2017 2.0 190PS FWD. I love the car, but I’m having a sort of feeling that the steering is heavy!

Whenever I get to around 30-40mph, the steering can become heavy, similar to the feeling when on a motorway and it stiffens up. Is this normal?

There’s also a strange noise at full lock so I wondered if this was related?

I purchased from a car supermarket in the UK, so I hope they are able to accommodate any repairs if needed

Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!!
Can't really comment on the later models but when I 1st drove my 2009 B8 taking a fast turning at a large round around.. the steering felt hard compared to a previous BMW.
I later found out it was Audi Servotronic..the steering is very sensitive to speed
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