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Hi A5OC! I just purchased a 2012 S5 Prestige Cabriolet from a dealership, and I will be driving it in Las Vegas and Northern California mostly. Now I'm looking to make a few improvements. I've read a bunch of posts via the search function, but it's hard to know what the current state of things is and what the best use of money for my particular model is. So if anyone can offer advice on one or more of the following questions, I'd really appreciate it!

MMI upgrade for iPhone Music?
I have an iPhone and like using Apple Music. Whoever owned the car before me put in a Bovee 1000 Tune2Air in the glove compartment, which seems like a simple enough solution, but I don't have the passcode to connect my phone to it. Does anyone know what the factory passcode for a Bovee 1000 is? If not, should I just order a new one of those or would it be worth the trouble to install one of those Apple CarPlay upgrade kits (and if so, which one)?

Wheel Size?
The previous owner put all-black 19" aftermarket rims on the car which, IMO, don't look great with the Moonlight Blue. So I'm going to get new wheels in either silver or machined after the new year. But I've been giving a lot of thought to going with 18" (or even 17") instead of 19", both for improved fuel economy and for a less stiff ride (I've driven an A5 before and I don't remember bumps being as jarring). Aside from "19s look cooler", is there any reason not to make the switch?

Racechip or ECU upgrade for fuel economy?
I'd like to get a more efficient engine mapping, but since this is my daily driver I'm less concerned with race performance than with getting better fuel economy. I see that Racechip advertises +5mpg, but I've also given thought to going to a performance shop and doing an APR, AWE, or GIAC upgrade. I know that's better for raw power, but is it worth it if I'm just trying to save money at the pump? (Also, FWIW, whatever I do should be able to pass the California emissions test.)

Other Ideas?
Those are the three main things I'm thinking about, but you think if there are other changes that are definitely worth the money from the get go (especially for fuel economy or hot desert driving), I'm all ears.

Sorry for all the random questions. Thanks!

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Welcome on board! Some experts will be along soon i am sure. Have fun and pics asap please! Simon
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