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need some help mmi

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got a 2010 facelift Q7 the other went to find the version number on the mmi screen only getting this messge no version number . Got obdeleven if that helps
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That's a new one (to me, anyway). Looks to me like a European 3G High system that's been updated incorrectly -- software version should always start with HNav_EU. Did you do that or a previous owner ? In any case, you should be asking about this in the 3G High thread over here: MMI 3G navigation 6.30.1 Europe - currently 2020
You didn't say (1) what doesn't work properly on this system and (2) if Address 5F has an fault codes. --g
Probably 3g high, no idea which activator is used and changed sw version name like this, if you have joistick it is 100% 3 g high, if not in that case 3g basic.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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