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steve-just loving gets better every day...never expected so much attention on the reactions are from BMW drivers :)....but more importantly aside from the complimentary glances is how it drives.....i've past 1500 ks so feel I can drive it a little hard now and its only now i see the difference in the new Audi Platform/ turns in so much easier than my B6S4....and certainly not as nose heavy...the engine is faster reving, sounds fantastic, transmission is precise even for CBD driving....and the cabin is great place to be in........I think all-up its the best car i've bought for the money-and when comparing it to new M3 ( which I test drove last week-great car, but the interior is pathetically bland ) its just not worth the extra 30-40 000!...its only then you realise the smart positioning in the market for the S5....its far superior than the 335i and far better value for money than the M3.....hope it arrives soon for you!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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