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Need help to get the part numbers for some connectors

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I'm retrofitting the RS5 spoiler on my A5, and everything is done except the wiring. I don't want to buy the wiring harness because it's a bit expensive (120€ with shipping to my location), so I decided to make the wiring by myself. I have the scheme and the connector that goes to the motor, and I also know the part number for the connector that goes to control unit (1K0 972 930 A). But I don't know the part number for the connector that goes into the switch. If anyone knows the part number for the connector, that would be very helpful.
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Is it a 12 pin connector? Should be 8E0 972 112B. It’s the same plug used for the rear parking sensor connector.
It's a 4 pin connector. It goes here

I found a picture online of all the cables and connectors I (most probably) need, here:

From this picture (from left to right): I know the part number for the first one and the last two. The first one goesinto the control unit, the sixth (black) connector goes to the DC motor of the spoiler. The third is probably ground, but I don't know what the second, fourth and the fifth (adapter) are for.
If it helps, i got some pics here:

I don't have a pic of the other side of the last connector. :/
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And also can somebody tell me if this is the correct wiring for this?
I know it's in german but if anybody needs any translation I can help with that.


Is it a 12 pin connector? Should be 8E0 972 112B. It’s the same plug used for the rear parking sensor connector.
Yeah I found some pics of the connector

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The third connector will be ground/earth. The second one is +12v, this will slot into the fuse block from behind.
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Just a guess, the 5th plug might connect to the gateway to pick up the CAN bus. If that's all its doing you can splice into the CAN, you don't need the plugs (unless you want to remove it at some point then its just that bit easier to do)
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Thank you so much.
Do you maybe know where the 4th one goes too? Or what it's used for?
It could be for the switch lighting, again this is just a guess
Oh okay, thanks. Will keep updated when everything's done. ;)
Well..Now I have another problem... I bought a almost PnP wiring loom and drove the car to a car electrician. He wired it all up but the spoiler doesn't work. He said I have the wrong ccm.

Does anybody know which ccm I need to have and where can I buy it? And also, please not very expensive haha
If you translate the text from the PDF you posted…

“It is important that you have installed the correct comfort control unit (STG46). You can code the rear spoiler in every STG, but it doesn't work for everyone. My experience is that it works with the STG 46 with CQ in the end.”
I currently have 8K0 907 064 ED
I found one but it says it's for a Q5. Does it matter from which vehicle it comes?
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