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Need help Rs5 Style Grill

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Yes, I know there are a ton of posts regarding the rs5 grill. I have been looking for so long now to buy one. I stumbled across this one on Amazon and bought it:

The emblem holder is so cheap and doesn't rlly fit. One of the reviews is a long-term review that shows the paint chipping and a white plastic grill under the black paint. I turned to eBay and they are selling the exact same grill under different sellers. A couple of grills here and there might be different but I just wanted advice on a good quality rs5 style grill. Do you guys know any particular seller or eBay or any supplier? Anything would help.

I have a 2014 Audi a5 s line.
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Mine is the b8.5. That grill is just crappy. I did some research and realized StoneCarbon on eBay has good quality grills but Canadian Auto Performance sells the same grills for less. I went with Canadian Auto Performance.
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