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I live in Burnaby BC Canada

Recently i brought my car to Richmond Audi because of misfire, engine light on. (I have 3rd party warranty)
My car is 2010 Audi S5 coupe. 120000km mileage.

So they replaced 5 coils out of 8 coils. They said no more misfire and no engine light on. Suggested me to clean up carbon buildup.It costs almost $1800 which
is super expensive. Also its hard to trust a dealer. (from my past experiences) Driving is great. but i can see white emission is coming out of my muffler. Also im not sure its relative but when i turn on the car its not clearly starting.

I have researched Youtube and google. Many people suggest to try CRC intake cleaner. The easiest way is spray CRC into the air intake. i tried to do it today but it failed. Also i asked a couple of private mechanics that one is offered $1340 +tax and the other one offered $770+tax. Its still cost for me.

I really like my car but its an old car. I do care of my car. Im not trying to make my car super clean or a brand new car. I just want to some clean up the carbon.
Is anyone help me out whats the best solution without too much cost?

Also please advice me how to spray CRC intake cleaner. (im not a mechanic so please explain me simple and easy way)

Need help. (if you can email me also will be helpful.
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