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Need a New Climate Control Unit Module (where to get?)

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Hey guys. Been a while since I posted. For those who followed me, I had issues with my 2014 B8.5 S5 I bought back in August and have been trying to get the garage to deal with it since then.

It has got to the point of me putting it in to an Audi specialist centre in Glasgow and I'm going to bill the garage.

Anyway, they've more or less fixed my issues. One of those was issues was my rear window demister not working, buttong not even lighting up. They've traced it down to it needing a new Climate Control Module (I think that's the term they used). Essentially, they have to order this from Audi and I was quote an extortionate price of over £1000 for the unit. Now, I was told by the technician on the phone that I could try getting a spare part from a broken Audi.

My question is, does anyone who is familiar with this unit know if I can take this unit from any A5/S5? Or only an S5? And does it have to be a B8.5 or could it be a B8? I am not sure what the module even is, whether it's the whole front-facing unit you use to press the buttongs for A/C, fans etc or if it's some kind of unit that goes behind this. If anyone knows what this is, please help. Thanks in advance! In the meantime, I've emailed the garage to see if they can get the technician to clarify which part I need.
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You need to find out the part number of the unit fitted to your car. You can get this from a diagnostic tool such as VCDS or take out the unit and look at the part code sticker. Buy the same unit from a breaker or online auction. You will need to fit the replacement unit and have component protection removed by an Audi dealer or specialist or it won’t work.
You will also need the coding from the old unit to transfer into the new unit as not all cars have the same options.
If a CCM, is it a comfort control module (which has settings for lots of things) or the climate control module (on the dash). Not sure on tour model, but they are different things in the older modules.

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