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Naias 2008

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NAIAS 2008 Recap by AudiWorld.

R8 V12 TDI


A4 (B8)

I hope to see these tomorrow in the DC auto show :)
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Probably only the last one will be at the DC show.
Not long till I find out. I'll post some pics when I come back from DC.
You were right wrx, only the A4 (B8) showed up. It looks really good.

Here's a couple of pics.

The new M3 was there too and it looks good, but it's no S5 :D

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Any pics of the M3?
You couldn't get into the A4??
I like the A4 as a sedan. They softened the roofline and shoulders which will make it less agressive but otherwise left it alone.

I also find it weird that you can't get into the car.
You couldn't get into the A4??
Nothing new. Just that will be available on fall 08, but that I already knew.

Here's a couple pics of the M3 and the 2 other stars of the show. SLR roadster and the Lambo Gallardo Superleggera.

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Now that is about a perfect of blue as you can get.
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