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My 2009 S5 was recently stolen out of an NYC parking garage while it was closed. Someone broke into the garage, broke into the office where the keys were stored, stole an SUV, crashed that through the front gate, then stole my car.

The police caught the thieves just as they were stripping my car for parts, when I was saw pictures of it the car only had three wheels, but they were able to recover the fourth wheel. I think they may have stolen my brakes too, and maybe some of my exhaust. I am waiting to hear back from my repair facility on the exact damage to the vehicle.

Has anyone ever installed, or know of anyplace that would install, some type of immobilizer on their S5? Like a keypad you have to type a code into or something similar to prevent this from happening again? I am already going to be adding a GPS tracker to the car.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance :)

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Mate you have many options. A GPS tracker system is a good idea, and an OBD2 locking system too. Good luck!!!
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