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Here I’m selling my Audi rs5 4.2 v8. It’s been looked after well with no damage or marks or anything like that. It is very unique and has had 1000s spent on it to make it one of a kind but oem+. FSH and getting a final service before sale.

52k miles and only run on vpower

here is a list of mods

im asking for a price of £27500. I will not lower and please don’t ask me to split parts. Thanks. Any questions please ask

  • Eventuri intake system from evolve automotive
  • carbon engine cover from nitro composites
  • Carbon Slam panel from nitro composites
  • OEM Black RS 5 boot badge
  • Gloss Black wing mirror caps
  • Fully Dynamic tail lights. Sweeping function custom made. Not available in b8 or 8.5 normally
  • Dynamic mirror indicators
  • Maxton designs splitter
  • Maxton designs side sills
  • Maxton designs rear diffuser
  • Maxton designs rear canards
  • Dechrome black window surrounds. Vinyl wrap
  • Dechrome front lip wrap
  • Dechrome rear lip wrap
  • custom Headlights painted black /dechrome from em tuning
  • Laser etched honeycomb and clear lens mod from em tuning
  • Led front headlight indicators from em tuning
  • Bright white reverse led bulbs
  • Gloss black grill with Quattro lower logo
  • Air lift performance 3p with performance shocks fitted by car audio security. Around 5k cost
  • Extended paddle shifters
  • Black RS5 Grill badge
  • Gloss black Audi badge Front grill
  • uodsyed engine start button with red surround










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R55 she looks stunning, a credit to you well done!!!!
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