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Hey all,
Found this nice site just 2 days ago and so far I really like it. Especially the forum software is so much better than some other Audi Forums. Seriously, is there anyone who like the one they use at Audiworld?

Anyway, I'm a 30 year old Swede. Yeah, the land with the cold weather, icebears on the streets and all girls running around in bikiini... :rolleyes: Not to mention Bjorn Borg and Abba... Looking forward to my first Audi, to be more specific, a Ice-Silver S5 that should be delivered in 1-xx weeks (it's delayed and no new deliverydate/week/month). I guess this will be my last toy, before it's time to build a family. Mm okay, I might be able to get one more before it's too late and I guess I'll have to wait 20 years until I can have some fun then. By the way, do you think there will be any fun cars by then, considering at least how the politicians in Sweden seems to hate everything that does not run on electricity.

So far I've been quite lucky with my cars. I've had a quite wellpaid job in the Computer business and bought a brand new Volvo S70 2,5t as my first car, then a new Volvo S60 T5 that I had for 4 months before, ehum.. I crashed it :eek: and got a new one on the insurance. (Pics: I've had the second new S60 T5 for about 6,5 years now and it's been time to change to something else for a long time. But, I invested quite a lot of time and cash into the Audio/DVD system (see attachments) and it's been hard to part from the very very good sound... Even though I don't think it will be as good, hopefully the B&O system will be good enough.

Thats me :)


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