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I thought I’d share my journey with this absolutely brilliant car as it may answer some questions like the ones I had to research. The TLDR version is OBDEleven, Eibach Pro-kit, Puddle Lights, RS Grille, Pedal Box, Custom DSG Tune, Custom Remap, and CarPlay Carlinkit for around £1900 all up.

Bought the car for £19k with nearly 90k miles and it has a decent spec - with light and vision package, fine nappa leather, 19x8 wheels, panoramic sunroof, flat bottom steering wheel, tech package and rear view camera. No B&O though. It came debadged, except for the TDI for some reason. Only came with one key and a replacement is £330 odd.

I get 38-40mpg around town (for any drive over 10 mins) and up to 52mpg on a long motorway cruise. Clocked over 62mpg at one point.

MyAudi App - the car had about 4-5 months left of the original factory Audi Connect subscription. I had to purchase a code for around £65 to get access (should have come with the key). When it ran out I didn’t bother renewing as I use CarPlay. You can still use the app for the Audi service history.

OBDEleven Pro - can’t remember what I paid for this (I got the lifetime license before they change it) and it has been great for a few coding mods and checking/clearing faults. The key things I’ve added were the Active Lane Assist, video in motion, retain recirculation air setting, needle sweep, and increased the comfort signal to 5 (from 3). There was a backup bug that caused an issue with the sunroof which took me a while to resolve, but you can read about that here. Rarely use it now other than when there’s a fault.

Eibach Pro-kit - this was the very first mod and improved the overall stance immediately and I think how it should’ve looked from the factory. I can’t remember if the ride is firmer than stock but it still feels very comfortable to me. Bought all four springs from Autodoc for £146 and paid £250 for fitting and alignment locally.

Puddle Lights - love this touch. I chose the S-Line puddle lights from Ebay for £13.96. People say they burnout quickly but mine are still going strong.

CarPlay Carlinkit - bought from AliExpress for £50 shipped. As I almost exclusively use CarPlay it saves plugging in every time, but has an odd bug when the parking sensors/cameras are triggered, it reverts back to the MMI and CarPlay won’t launch again. Though Siri can still be accessed. Sometimes I could flick the radio button and then could launch CarPlay again but even that has stopped working. Small price to pay for not having to plug the phone in. I do think it introduces a lag for voice calls which is annoying sometimes.

RS Grille - up next was the grille replacement. Whilst I appreciate people may not like the RS grille, it definitely looks better than the stock one. You can read about my struggles fitting it here. Bought this from AliExpress for £130 shipped.

Pedal Box - this is an interesting mod that I originally bought from DTUK for around £200-£250 in the hope of addressing the gearbox lag (which it doesn’t btw). It just makes the pedal more sensitive, which does make the car feel more sporty especially now I've had the gearbox tune. I’ve had it on and off through the last year thinking I might sell it, but always come back to having on the city mode. With the DSG lag, the sport/sport+ settings just end up being too jerky.

DSG Tune - this is probably my most favourite mod of all them. Tuned by Darkside, this has almost entirely addressed the stupid lag from a slow rolling start. They also increased the clutch pressure too for the extra power. I get the occasional clunk in to gear now when the TCU is late to determine the right gear, usually under a light load but otherwise drive like you'd expect it to have from the factory.

Custom Remap - I went to Darkside predominantly for the DSG Tune, but given it was a three hour drive I thought I may as well get it tuned as well. My car has 95k miles and the DL382-7Q gearbox which is apparently only rated to 400Nm, so I asked that they only tune it to around 286bhp and minimise the torque increase which is exactly what I got. I know others have gone further but I’m happy and the car feels great now.

Insurance - so my recent renewal without declaring any mods was going to be around £380 with 10y NCB. The best I could find on the comparison sites with all the mods was £600. I ended going through Adrian Flux for £485 which I thought was reasonable.

I’ve looked at custom exhaust options but none are legal that will provide a subtle and understated v6 sound that I would like (i.e. you really need a downpipe). Also looked at spacers and dechroming, but I like the classy look as it is so I think that’s about it for now.

It's my first Audi and finally it's just how I want it. Just hope the gearbox lasts for a while to come! Happy modding people!

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Thanks for this write up. You might want to switch exhaust to the petrol version? It's a dual outlet and looks clean IMO, iirc they are the same diameter and route on all of the models so should be easy to find a used one, and then you just need a £30 splitter to change to duals.

Here's a pic of my old car with that exhaust

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

That's what I plan to do anyway.
If it wasn't illegal and a pain to swap I would do egr and dpf delete in an instant too.

I don't get insurance, I am mid thirties with full ncb from the age of 17 and the car above, this tdi, and my s3 were all £600 a year... everyone else my age some not even 3 years ncb pay half :/
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