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I have mmi 2g high noo usb or SD so i thought i would try one ogf these
DJC-Bluetooth-Handsfree-Adapter-Basic other suppliers available
Easy install.
1 Slide out the dvd sat nat in the boot push in the two small couloured tabs either side of the player.
2 remove the fibre and power conection at the rear of the unit
3 connect the "y" fibre cable supplied to the fibre lead and the dvd
4 connect the power cable to the existing power cable using the connectors reconnect the power connector
5 feed the power cable and the log tail of the fibre cable through into the lower space
6 refit the dvd use your hand to guide the connectors into place at the rear of the dvd.
7 connect the power and fibre to the unit
8 attach your media SD or USB with audie tracks, your need to format the media to FAT32 and you creat upto 5 folders I think it is either 599 or 999 tracks per folder.
9 turn on your mmi your have extra cd's 7,8, 9 etc each cd is one of the folders.
20 mins the fiddly bit is getting the dvd out

I hav'nt used the bluetooth option as i am happy with the existing.
Full audio control from head unit, more than worth it
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