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Hi all my first post. Recently purchased 2018 s-line A5 Coupe 2.0 TFSI 252hp on finance.

I’m a complete novice at mods and stuff... so was hoping someone could shed some light on what I was hoping to achieve...

Basically want the car to sound a little louder and get some gurgles out of the exhaust. Also wanted to make it look sleeker with maybe some added trims....?

what you guys think??
Sound is going to be pretty subjective depending on what you consider loud. I have a 2011 A5 2.0t that I am exploring exhausts. I had the AWE on my 2006 A3 that I found too loud with too much drone on the freeway. I switched to a Jetex exhaust and loved it. Nice growl and burbles when getting on it, and very easy to live with for everyday driving. Since you have the S line, you could get the Jetex with and option for the quad exhaust. You just need the quad rear valance. Mine in not and S line so I'd have to buy and S line bumper as well. That's too much money. The Jetex is also more affordable. For cosmetic mods, I have no suggestions. People like a lower look. On my A3 I had adjustable coil overs that helped performance and looks. Have fun but be careful, moding can get addictive. I spent about 15k on my A3. Lesson learned, it was stolen and totaled and the insurance did not cover the mods.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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