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Model Build definitions???

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Hi All, I'm having a little trouble here. I've recently ( a couple of months ago ) ordered an S5. I'm lucky enough to have received an allocation and also have received a build date. This being late september 2008 and was wondering what spec build I should expect, 2008 or 2009? The dealer says it will be an 08 spec car but I read here in alot of different places that people are already receiving 2009 specs? Is the dealer wrong in which one I can expect? Or are audi making more than year model at a time?

Any thoughts would be appreciated
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It will be a 2009 car. 100%. All cars built after week 22 are the following year's model.
Hi Booster, thanks for the info it is appreciated. I guess my dealer isn't too clued up on his own cars then as he is adamant that the car is an 08 spec car. Guess I'll just have to show him when the car actually makes it to Australia.
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