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MMI update

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As mentioned in my other thread, I've just bought a 2013, LHD, RS5 that was imported from Japan. Although it is destined for France, I first need to register it in the UK. For that it needs to have a speedo that reads in miles and not kilometres. The analogue is in kilometres and I can display a digital speedo on the dash but that also reads in kilometres. On an RS7 that I bought previously I could go into the MMI settings and under Measurement Units I had the options for Speed, Distance, Temperature, Consumption and Capacity. Unfortunately on this one I only have the last 3 options, no Speed or Distance options so cannot change the digital speedo to read in MPH. There are other options missing such as only Japanese or English languages and the option to change the headlight dip from left or right.

It appears to me that the MMI unit needs to be loaded with European software which, I would think, will give me the options I need. Is loading the software from here MMI 3G+/3GP navigation 6.34.1 and firmware updates -... what I need to do? The version information for the unit currently shows:
Media Version HN+_JP_AU3G_P0271
Nav. database version: 7614
Followed by a lot of Japanese symbols that appear to be dated 2013 so it looks like it has never been updated.

If it is possible, a step by step guide would be good (although the video in post #8 of that thread appears to cover it) and would the files from that thread be correct for an RS5 as it looks to be for an A5 which won't have the Drive Select option?
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Thanks for all the advice, never mind, done it now.
Perhaps you were the first member to attempt this conversion. Maybe you could share the process in case anyone else is in the same position.
Found a guide online for converting a US spec MMI to EU and tried that which resulted in a system that only got as far as the splash screen and did nothing. Basically I'd bricked it! Contacted a specialist, f-knaviexpert on eBay, told him what I had done and the result and he told me he could sort it for £200. Took the car to him, he took the MMI unit out of the car, took it apart, did a fair amount of reprogramming in the EEPROM and flashed it with EU firmware, then, rather than waiting a couple of hours copying all the maps over from SD card, knowing that I was coming, swapped the hard drive with one he'd loaded with EU maps. He's in Enfield, North London but said that I could have just posted the unit to him and he could do it and send it back.

The radio had already been swapped for a UK one otherwise he would have done that and said that he can also upgrade to DAB if required. Ordinarily I would have done that but as the car is destined for France where there is minimal DAB, it isn't worth it. If you search for him as a seller, he specialises in Audi MMI units, both replacement units and repairs and reprogramming. Also a very nice bloke and will definitely be seeing him again when I get another imported Audi.
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Glad you got it sorted and thanks for the update.
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