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MMI slow to come on since it got cold

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MMI in 2017 Q5 slow to come on since we got consistent weather in the 20s. After the car is warmed up, sometimes came on by itself. MMI reset also worked when cold over last several days. Today it warmed up to 50 and no issue.

A German car affected by cold seems absurd.

Could it be a battery or alternator issue or is it a dealer issue or is this the new normal?

(A year ago, MMI was not coming on and went out and it took close to two months for the dealer to diagnose and replace a module that fixed it. Hate the thought of not having my car that long again.)
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EES mate, Audi stealerships seem to be the same the world over, to be avoided at all costs!!!! Most likely to be a symptom of a battery losing its charge cos this always happens when the weather turns really cold, so a new battery may fix it.
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