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Mmi hnav full postcode

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Is it possible to update the nav to use a full post code ?
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Do you mean in a destination search (like our US postal ZIP code) ? I know that that alone won't locate an address definitively here. --g
Kind of in the Uk we use full post code nn1 5qe that will take you to the street and in my a5 works just like that but it the wife’s q5 it only lets u use the first part so nn1 5 it’s rubbish like this
Can confirm it's possible. Sadly can also confirm I've got no idea how it's done.
Hmm. So it may be your A5 has MMI 3G+ while your wife's Q5 is only 3G High. While both MMI 3G High & Plus use the same base nav database, they have different operating software versions and nav database components. --g
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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