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MMI Help Please

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Hi, I am new to the forum; however, the dealership has been no help whatsoever. Also, I have an A4, but you guys at this forum seem to be much more helpful than anywhere else.

It is a 2018 A4, and the "Audi Smartphone" option has disappeared from my menu; therefore CarPlay no longer works.

I have attached some screenshots that might help someone help me.

Thanks in advance
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Do you have the Audi smartphone app installed when you plug in? If not you might need to install/reinstall for it to also auto instigate car play. (Im not an iOS user though so only a suggestion)
yeah I wouldnt have thought it was necessary but then this is Audi so you never know ;) I cant even get Android auto working wirelessly :(
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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