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MMI 3G navigation 6.24.2 Europe and firmware updates - currently 2017

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Links to the latest versions of firmware and map update (with activator)

Firmware, in order:

0031_3 -!0QMzmBrY!dvXVnAimkFaiNBqt_W49XYVAQdHstOJC39Q5exO8g0w
0206_3 -!JU8VTaCC!BFFwWdE-x2Tlj8ZsWG69LOGw2dW4QJBhsHRm3H5IN50
0253 -!YY80DSrB!j5mO0eJ5-3H9EKKP3CjyHZAuDxxENEhPnnHyNgwBu7Y
0257_6 -!YB8kDBbZ!IF9dUHoNIb5gS2MvBaPCEQRgyU2lC6_mot5_F9mric8

Firmware, full package to 0257_6:!cZsBHKBI!-PkGxY8is1hAs-QVbiUfN4A-J0YkVd-qT00M_fEL2jE

There is unlikely to be any further firmware update for 3G from Audi so if you've updated to 0257_5 or 0257_6 you won't need to do it again.

If you don't have/can't get access to VCDS and need to activate the green menu you can use the following script from Congo's 3G+ thread [ Green menu activation ]

1. Unzip and copy to SD card.
2. Put the SD card in the MMI.
3. When prompted press the center knob.
4. After the script is done you will see confirmation screen.
5. Remove the SD card and reboot MMI

I haven't used it, but it appears plenty have :)

2017 maps version 6.24.2 and FSC activator - PLEASE NOTE - this package is ONLY suitable for 3G and not 3G+/3GP so if your firmware version doesn't match the style indicated in the instructions do not bother downloading this file, as it's been cut down to make the download smaller and so it'll fit on a 32GB SD card without issues.!VRdjVJ7S!63opUL3IAdSrTiRY2IXuVQ

There are 2 folders - 1 contains the map files and the other the activator - they need to be copied to separate SD cards.

For facelift cars with 3G+/3GP see this thread for correct links - don't muddle them up as it doesn't go well.....

Update instruction guide below - this one is a better layout than the one I produced a couple of years ago, and covers firmware updating etc!YU81xLIA!5HdPIKX6inbzA02hiML6jcfKQI8-AIvcvbgWH-hNo0g

PLEASE NOTE - THESE ARE FOR EUROPE, NOT ROW OR NA and I cannot help with questions about where to find them.

I recommend using JDownloader to grab the links and WinRAR for extracting the archives when finished downloading. If you hit the download limit from Mega and don't want to pay for premium downloads I can recommend using the Opera browser, which has a built in VPN tool so all you need to do is switch location and it will allow you to continue downloading. You do lose the option to use JDownloader if you go that route.

These files are from a variety of sources, so credit due to all those who compile and make available :grin2:


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Hi - Great guide Adrian. I'm going to take the plunge tomorrow once my SD card arrives!

One question - do I need to do all the firmware upgrades in order? I am currently on HNav_EU_P0029_D1.

Will this give me access to 6/7 digit postcode functionality? Only putting in 4/5 is driving me MAAADDDD.

Also, how annoying are the error messages people are reporting needing a VAG cable to get rid of? Are they visible all the time or just once on boot up?

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I'm in the same position Wilkoss, same firmware. But nervous about upgrading though. I've got B+O system but there's a Bose folder in there - not sure whether it will cause any problems!?....

Anyone local to Notts who can provide some help?
Yep, B+O sound system here too which is also causing some nervousness!

I downloaded the script for enabling the engineers and dev menus and that worked fine.

I also downloaded the firmware files but when unzipped there is folder 1 and 2 which both seem to have an overlap of each others files so no idea which one to use. Also in the guide where it shows you what it should look like in the root directory there was a lot more files and folders in it.

This is what is in the 1st upgrade folder:

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if you have to do more than one firmware-update, you should keep them separately.
So in the folder marked 1st there are 2 folders marked 1 and 2.

Are you saying that the 1st upgrade is a 2 part process and I need to do 1st-1 then 1st-2?

In the one marked 5th there are 3 folders marked 1, 2 and 3.
an update should be downloaded, extracted and applied.
if you have to do more than on update, you will have to download, extract and apply the 1st one you need. after this process has been completed, you can download, extract and apply the 2nd.
in other words, keep them apart.
and it does not matter how many folders, etc. there are in one update.
Hi Fred

I understand that, but the problem is - when I extract the 1st upgrade there are 2 folders names 1 and 2.

If you can see the image I shared above this is shown. Within 1 and 2 there are certain repeated folders so it's not just a case of copy-pasting the contents of both into the root of the SD card as there will be overlap.

So the question is, in the 1st upgrade folder, do I install the contents of folder 1 then 2, or 1 and 2 together or 1 or 2?

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