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2014 A4Q/8K 6MT MMI 3G+
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Greetings a5oc from across the pond. I've spent the past few weeks reading as much as i can about these MMI systems in order to update my 2010 B8 Audi A4 which has MMI 3G High variant 9307 (internal HDD, joystick on knob, etc).

Software Version: HNav_US_P0110_D1
Nav. database version: 8R0060884F_NAR 5.3.4

When i enter Engineering Mode it says the following:

Train Version: P0110
MU Software: 0042

According to this wiki on our MMI systems (wont let me link through the text) wikivisually wiki Multi_Media_Interface (url info removed)

The latest firmware available for my MMI 3G High was released in 2014 and is: HNav_US_K0133_3_D1
And the latest Nav database compatible would be: NAR 6.16.2 (2017)

I have obtained both HNav_US-K0133_3_D1 and NAR 6.16.2 and am about to pull the trigger, but want to make sure this is done correctly. All the firmware/map installation guides that I have read show an image of the SD-Card root directory with all the many component folders and the metainfo2.txt file. The HNav_US_K0133_3_D1 firmware package I downloaded, when uncompressed using WINRAR has the following:

Folder: 1
Folder: 2
Folder: 3
Folder: MU9307
Folder: MU9308
File: metainfo2.txt

Each of the numbered (1,2,3) folders contain folders for component updates, folder 3 containing by far the most folders, and each of those three folders has its own metainfo2.txt file. Upon opening those metainfo2.txt files, they all say in the beginning that they are part of (Release = "HNav_US_K0133_3_D1"). I had initially thought that these were three previous firmwares that needed to be installed in order, but each of them saying they were (Release = "HNav_US_K0133_3_D1") that this is simply one firmware update that is comprehensive?

Long story short, do i place all three numbered folders, the two MU folders, and metainfo2.txt onto the SD as i posted above? Or do folders 1, 2, and 3 require being individually installed in that order?

I know I sound like i'm being a bit overly cautious but after reading countless posts of people rushing into updating their MMI only to either install the wrong firmware or other such tragic mistakes, i wanted to be 100% sure i was doing this correctly.
Did you ever figure this out? I'm trying to help out a few NAR MMI 3G High users to update their software and maps, and my own experience has only been with the 3GP update, which "just worked" when I did it a few years back.
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