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My MMI joystick was not behaving the way it should. Sometimes it would "stick" and drag the cursor to the right while driving. As the control unit for the RS5 (aluminum buttons) is quite rare I decided to swap the circuit circuit board from a regular unit (black buttons). Luckily @Baas J. had a spare unit lying around.

Took some wiggling to get it out, removed the MMI dashboard unit and the heating controls and put the car in neutral to lift it out.

The spare unit, has some slight damage on the SETUP button, but the plastic housing was in better shape than mine.

To open the unit, remove the torx screws (T10) and gently lift the plastic clips that hold the unit in place. There is a nasty one on the top left corner, near the volume control (that you also have to pull off).

Now you can lift the circuit board from its housing and continue on removing the buttons.

I gave the entire unit a good clean with some moist microfiber cloth once I got it out.The joystick itself is fixed to the housing, It is not easily removed, you have to take the ring off that holds the joystick in place, I decided to leave it as I was swapping the housing anyway.

Ready for swapping the other components, push to start button, handbrake and rear spoiler control.

Almost done, time to wrap up and rebuild in reverse order.

Back in the car, and no more drifting button.
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