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Hello everyone, I have tried to update the MMI 3G of my 2014 Audi A5, following all the instructions I have read on the forum. The firmware I had installed was K0257 (HNav_EU_K0257_6_D1), and I wanted to update to version K0900 (HN+EU_AU3G_K0900[8R0906961EB]), after several reboots and installation attempts, it got stuck on the "starting download" screen and does not advance. I have tried to reinstall version K0257 again and it won't let me. Both the screen and the MMI have had to remove the fuse to prevent the car from running out of battery.
Please help !!!
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Hello. It looks like you have installed Hnav firmware into a HN+ unit. You will most likely require a specialist to recover your unit. Search around for wrong firmware threads or contact @congo who may be able to assist.
Thank you very much, I will try to contact @congo
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