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Mmi 3g basic map update 2020-2021

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I’m wondering if the map update 2019-20 I have downloaded from mega is giving problems with the activator. Am I right in thinking that the activator is for hnav and not bnav? My reason for asking is because I’m wondering to go for the 2021-22 instead as that has the fsc and activator included. Does my current maps need to be updated before going for the 2021-22 in one jump or do I need to update in increments.
many thanks in advance
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I haven’t installed the 2019-20 version yet. Just downloaded
Sorry typo. I’ve downloaded the 2020-21 version folder 4G0060884AH 5.31.2
2020_2021 from mega but not installed as of yet
I did a mates a4 the other week and struggled with the activator, in the end the attached worked great...


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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