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Afternoon folks,

Just had one of the most infuriating transient faults of my life,

For some reason the centre speaker on my '08 A5 (MMI 2G High B&O) started making a high pitched whine like tinitus, this would occasionally pause momentarily and return at a different pitch. Just this speaker, no others.

Turning car off/on did nothing, forcing the MMI to restart did nothing. Eventually I drove the car home from the shops, stopped it, got out, and only then did the noise change to a lower pitch and finally stop when i leant my head back into the car.

Still unsure of the cause, since it was coming from one of the speaker grilles i checked the amp compartment in the rear and nothing smells crispy, the amp is a bit warm which is odd since the stereo wasn't used on the drive back but not hot, you can comfortably keep your hand on it and the fan isn't running.

Can't think of anything that this might be caused by, and since it went away on its own i have no idea how to stop it happening again because my god it's annoying.

Anyone have any suggestions or previous dealings with this? Done the usual google but all i see are threads talking about whining/whistling from the engine bay or threads with people describing the issue I've had followed by 200 people saying "ooh yeah let us know if you find out".

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