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Milky oil

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Hi guys,
I have an A5 2.0 TFSI B8 for about 3 years now, done 170k miles, 50k just on the last 3 years. Apart from topping up oil every 1k miles and I had to change once the water pump, I didn’t had any mechanical issues until now.
On 1st of December I had the service done. Oil, all filters and spark plugs.
I drive 20 minutes to work and back, mostly motorway, sometimes I push down on gas pedal.
One night, coming back from work, I felt a strong smell, like clutch smell, I don’t know if it has anything to do with the problem itself, at that time I thought it’s from outside.
At the last oil change, old oil was fine, no water in it, coolant level was between min and max and the mechanic add some more stating that if it’s too much, will go out anyway.
After 2 months now, I was just checking the alternator belt, to see if I could change it myself, and I had a look at the deep stick (I bought that deep stick when I noticed that the oil level goes down quite often), and I could see the milky oil.
The coolant level is between min and max again.
I called the mechanic and he told me it’s pretty much f..up, that the gasket it’s gone.
The mf even offered to buy the car for £800…
There is no smoke when I drive it around, not more then usual when it’s cold outside and you can see the vape on your mirrors.
I know it’s vague, but I know for sure that the car is not worth £800, especially in London now.


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Fingers crossed its not head gasket usually head gasket will have it gumming up and overheating fairly quickly as it blocks all the water passages with the mayo mixture of oil and water, what antifreeze was used is it possible that its been topped up with water that's not got rust inhibitors which would cause problems of car left sitting for a while.
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