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Miami S5 Meet

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Hey guys,

been seeing a lot of S5's around the Miami area. A couple in the gables, pinecrest and on US-1 by UM. Let's get a meet going before summer end? Post if your interested here. Would like to have everyone share tips and advice. Maybe a photoshoot while we are there? would be cool.

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I was wondering the same thing. This is an old thread but did you guys ever get together? Seeing more and more A5/S5s in Miami everyday. Would be great to great to get together on a Sunday and swap mod ideas.
Got any ideas on a place to do it? I'm in Miami so not familiar with where to meet in FTL. How does Sunday June 27th sound?
OK, the 26th is tomorrow. If we are gonna do this we need to decide where we are gonna meet. Suggestion: the parking lot at Matheson Hammock Park is big, there is always lots of room to park a bunch of cars on a weekend, the background is amazing (ocean, mansions, Miami skyline, even SoBe in the distance) for picture taking too (see pics I took when I bought my car back in January on my photo album (just click on my profile to get to the album).
Arabito, if you live on the Beach then by all means please make a SoBe suggestion if you have one that is better than mine. I would rather drive over the Causeway and cruise up Ocean Drive than stay down by where I live anyway.
hey quick question, do you live around pinecrest or gables?
actually live in The Falls area. Very close to both Pinecrest and Gables both.
Pretty close to me! I live in Pinecrest, but im heading up to atl again on tuesday. how about a mini get together next time?
Sure, let me know when your back in town and we can try to do a mini A5/S5 meet.
Guys recently purchased my Audi S5 live in Miramar looking to get together with other Audi A5/S5 owners ... how about a planned get together???
Welcome to the club. Been trying to get a SoFl meet going for a while. Never seem to get a date or place that works for a bunch of guys. We all live anywhere from Palm Beach down to Miami. Suggest a time, date and place and see what kind of response you get. I am around this weekend and would be willing to go up to your area in Miramar but I know a few good places to get together in Miami if you want to travel down here
1 - 6 of 44 Posts
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