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MHS2 Navigation and firmware updates - currently 2022/2023

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This is it!
The proper activator for Audi MHS2 systems made by delphi.
It a result of deep system analysis and some good reverse engineering.
The time has come and i have decided to share it!
Now is available free of charge for everyone!

Unlike the leaked version of the activator this one is tested and in use for quite long time now.
You will not loose ability to install custom POI's and for sure it will not cripple your legal function enabling codes.
I cannot guarantee that will work on every MMI out there, but i never had issues ever since i created it back in 2016.
Regardless of what some might say, update of the MMI is not mandatory. This is entirely up to you.
If your MMI is working properly and you have not noticed issues then you can continue using same version.
Believe me, i know these systems inside out.
As you will see bellow the supported versions list is quite long and will only get longer with time!
In case that you do decide to update then subscribe to this topic as i will update it to include software update info and files.

In the archive you will find a manual how to use it.
It is very simple process and you will only need one empty SD card size 8-32GB FAT32 formatted.
After activating the MMI you will be able to use latest navigation maps.

Here is list of supported versions, it was tested on many more but for now i decided to include the following.
If your software is not the support list then send the backup that the activator will make and i will add it. Always make sure you are using the latest version of the activator.
Almost any version out there!
If for some reason you cant get it to work following the manual then its likely that your unit was already patched.
In such case contact me and i will see what i can do about it.

Please have in mind that im doing this in my free time and that means that im not 24/7 available :)

The map of MHS2/MST2(soon to be released) is not installed, you copy map on SD and just insert in the unit. If coding is ok and fecs are shown as valid then map will work.
Simple as that :)

MAP 2022/2023 -> 11.64 GB file on MEGA
MHS2_ER_AU_K0129 -> 2.09 GB file on MEGA
MHS2_ER_AU_K0471 -> 2.53 GB file on MEGA
MHS2_ER_AU_P1242 -> 2.55 GB file on MEGA
MHS2_ER_AU_P2035 -> 2.54 GB file on MEGA

MHS2_US_AU_K0471 -> 1.02 GB file on MEGA
MHS2_US_AU_P1242 -> 1.01 GB file on MEGA
MHS2_US_AU_P2037 -> 1.02 GB file on MEGA
Software update instruction -> 720.9 KB file on MEGA
After using the activator unit will accept modified meta.
What you need to do is take the meta from 1242, remove any SupportedTrains or BlockedTrains and then replace MetafileChecksum with skipMetaChecksum.

For for example with the meta from 1242:
Remove those two lines
BlockedTrains = "MHS2_EU_AU_P01*,MHS2_EU_AU_K01*"
MetafileChecksum = "cd15b1487917b24e0ca50e0716bfa3d6dd7d710d"

And add these two:
EnableUserDefinedSWDLMode = "true"
skipMetaChecksum = "true"

Then make sure all components are select, the bare minimum is - MCM,78K0R,AP_ZR_HIGH1,TNRREF. Nice to select SpeechRes,SpeechAppRes.

Keep in mind that if something goes wrong you might not be able to fix it yourself and might need to send it to me.
This document and activation are provided by THE PROVIDER "as is" and "with all faults." THE PROVIDER makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the safety, suitability, lack of viruses, inaccuracies, typographical errors, or other harmful components of this document. There are inherent dangers in the use of any software, and you are solely responsible for determining whether the procedure described in this document is compatible with your equipment and other software installed on your equipment. You are also solely responsible for the protection of your equipment and backup of your data, and THE PROVIDER will not be liable for any damages you may suffer in connection with using the information found in this document. You are also solely responsible for any modifications to the software of the MMI system, THE PROVIDER will not be liable for any claims from the vendor of your MMI system concerning the use of third-party software on the MMI system.
Selling this document and activation is forbidden.
Including this activation or its parts in any other tools should happen only after contacting me.

Attempts to modify the files might render the system inoperable.

Enjoy :)
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First of all -> Hello to everyone.
I recently owend a Audi A4 B9 without navigation system. Android Auto and Carplay was enabled by default, and usb-connectors are in the car.
My MMI has Software MHS2_ER_AU_P2035 currently installed.
I ran the Activator from the SD Card succesfully (green Screen - OK). Then downloaded the 22/23 Maps from the first page. Put an SD Card (FAT32 formated) and put it in the first slot of the mmi.
But after initzializing it always said no navigation data.
Do I have to enable navigation with vcds? Is there any programming in the control unit necessary?

Thanks a lot
Thanks for the info, I will try as soon as my new HEX-V2 is arrived. Currently I only have the old vcds device available. :-(
In the red menu all codes are written as legal, so I thought it should work.
Edit: It's written in the manual ;-)

Best regards
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No I don't have enabled the use of externals cards, because I currently do not have a working vcds interface in my hand. Should come next week.
But thanks for the info, this was not written anywhere. I will test when the vcds adapter arrives.
No I don't have enabled the use of externals cards, because I currently do not have a working vcds interface in my hand. Should come next week.
But thanks for the info, this was not written anywhere. I will test when the vcds adapter arrives.
Today my vcds adapter arrived! I coded the steps which are written in the manual and ... it worked!!!
Thanks a lot.
Only thing which is not working is the navi in the small FIS.
I did the following steps:

STG 5F Informationselektronik 1


[VO]_Dashboard_Display_Configuration (RDID $0B5A)

[LO]_navigation_map_transmission_mode --> Neuer Wert: _MOST_Streaming

[LO]_navigation_map_compression_mode --> Neuer Wert: _H264

[LO]_navigation_map_Resolution --> Neuer Wert: _resolution_1

Hier noch mal genauer:

Den Anpassungskanal "ENG122230-ENG127005-Dashboard_Display_Configuration-navigation_map_transmission_mode" auf "MOST_streaming" ändern.

Den Anpassungskanal "ENG122230-ENG122338-Dashboard_Display_Configuration-navigation_map_compression_mode" auf "H264" ändern.

Den Anpassungskanal "ENG122230-ENG122339-Dashboard_Display_Configuration-navigation_map_resolution" auf "resolution_1" ändern.

And I have the Multifunctional Plus Steering Wheel with the left and right buttons on the left side of the wheel. But after waiting 20 min (BUS silence) or restarting the MMI, nothing happens.
Does anybody has an Idea what I can do anymore?

Thanks a lot
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Yes this is correct. Navigation is missing there.
then your 17 are maybe wrongly coded
Do you have an example for me where i have to Look?
have you ever done an MMI reset?
The three Buttons at once Press? Yes i did that after the coding.
Do you have an example for me where i have to Look?
unit 17 coding Byte 10 bit 6 was missing!
Activated bit 6 and navi in fis was working.

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