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I saw the Tuscan interior for the first time yesterday and I was very impressed. It is such a classy looking color and looks amazing. I am stuck with Magma as my car is already completed, but had I known it looked so good when I placed my order, I may have chosen Tuscan as well. Great choice !

Here you go Maverick.. My S5 in meteor grey and saddle brown leather.

As for the leather once I'd choosen meteor grey I was going to go for the red until I was lucky enough to see the brown and realised it again added that extra touch of class, the red was simply LOUD in comparision. Not what I believe this car needs, it is loud enough, sure if you want everybody to look at you and think flash B*ST**D then its a good combo but as far as I'm concerned let them look at it as I want too myself and see the CLASS of the machine! Maybe I'm just getting a bit old lol

Anyway hope you enjoy and good luck with whatever you choose:D
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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