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Here you go Maverick.. My S5 in meteor grey and saddle brown leather.

If you had looked around the forum these pics are already posted. Not the best photos i'm afraid but when I get the time I will do some better ones.

Personally I had a real dilemma when choosing colours. In my opinion Black is boring and a nightmare to keep looking decent, silver looks tacky with the ali wing mirrors and simply didnt like the other colours. It got so bad that before I went for my test drive I was considering the £4,000 plus for the ability to choose my own colour, yet still didnt know what I wanted :( Then it just so happened I saw the meteor grey and was sold on it immediatley simply because the colour suits the car and gives it a bit of class. It's certainly a lighter grey than in the brochures ;)

As for the leather once I'd choosen meteor grey I was going to go for the red until I was lucky enough to see the brown and realised it again added that extra touch of class, the red was simply LOUD in comparision. Not what I believe this car needs, it is loud enough, sure if you want everybody to look at you and think flash B*ST**D then its a good combo but as far as I'm concerned let them look at it as I want too myself and see the CLASS of the machine! Maybe I'm just getting a bit old lol

Anyway hope you enjoy and good luck with whatever you choose:D
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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