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Memory Seat Issue

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Bit of a weird one I'm hoping someone can shed some light on ;
Memory seat function suddenly not working.

The manual controls work on the sides of both seats work.
The "slide" control on the back of the seats (when you tilt the seat forwards to move it for rear access) is also not working.
If I hold the "1" or "2" (for each memory slot) the mirrors move to their saved position but the seat does not. The "seat sync" in the MMI is also not moving the seats.

I haven't code read the car yet but was wondering if any one had experienced this before?
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I had same, turned to be a battrery issue, get it checked.
I had same, turned to be a battrery issue, get it checked.
Actually, it did have a low battery warning appear on the dash around the same time. Not had anything since and it starts fine? Is there a way to reset it or is it time for a new battery?
Drew mate not sure. BUT as u may remember the 12v car battery would ran till it died and you just bought a new one. Easy. The A5 instead required that the 12v battery is perfect. As soon as the voltage drops off a bit it starts to show wierd symptoms all electrical related. So change now and make sure u buy Bosch or similar.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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